Baiji is the son of Tejo, who is the sister of Lord Geigi. All are Maschi clan, and may well be the last three of that clan. Baiji's father is Dumaei, whose clan is not known.

Baiji was elevated to the administration of Kajiminda, his uncle Geigi's estate, when his mother died. When Murini rebelled and Tabini went into hiding, Baiji was cut off from his known connections, in particular his uncle, who was on the station, but even his nearest neighbor, the paidhi-aiji Bren Cameron, who was in space on a mission to Reunion Station at the time. This left Baiji open for approach by persons claiming to be from the Marid. They offered an alliance by marriage to Tiajo, a great-granddaughter of Baddissuni of the Dojisigi of the Marid. When Baiji stalled and claimed that he was considering the daughter of the Hesi, that lady died 'at her father's table' less than a month later. Deceiver states that the entire family died.

The book Conspirator elaborates on the actions of Baiji and the Marid subsequent to that death, during Bren's first visit to his estate after returning from space.