Prior to the series' opening, Bren has two servants. After an attempt on his life, two Assassins are assigned to guard him: Banichi and Jago, later joined by another pair, Algini and Tano, who complete his aishid.

Many atevi work for him in the Bujavid, Najida, and the apartment on Alpha station.


Bren lodges first in a small ground-floor garden apartment in the Bujavid along with other low level staff such as cooks (Foreigner).  After a threat on his life, he is given two Assassin guards and is lodged in the borrowed apartment of the Atageini, the majordomo of which is Madam Saidin.

After contact with the ship, he acquires his own apartment, formerly that of the extinct Maladesi clan. His household here is directed by Narani, an elderly ateva.

Others members :

Bindanda : Cook (Precursor, Chapter 4)

Kandara : Participate to the first voyage to the station (Precursor, Chapter 4)

Sabiso : Woman, cousin of Asicho, serves the needs of Jago on the ship (Precursor, Chapter 4)

Jeladi : Assistant majordomo (Intruder, Chapter 9)

Pai : Assistant Cook (Intruder, Chapter 5)

Koharu : Valet (Intruder, Chapter 5)

Supani : Valet (Intruder, Chapter 5)

Husaro : (Intruder, Chapter 5)

Casichi : Nephew of Narani (Intruder, Chapter 9)

Asicho : Woman, cousin of Sabiso, serves the needs of Jago on the ship (Intruder, Chapter 9)

Palaidi : (Intruder, Chapter 9)

Junari : (Intruder, Chapter 9)

Daisibi : Head of his clerical office, relative of Tano (Intruder, Chapter 5)

Surieji : Secretarial staff (Inheritor, Chapter 1)

Ramaso : Majordomo in Najida

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