Cajeiri Todd Lockwood

Cajeiri, from the cover of Intruder - Credit Todd Lockwood

Cajeiri is the son of Tabini-aiji and Damiri-daja. His parents raised him until he was approximately five, then sent him to his great-uncle Tatiseigi, a conservative member of the court. During his stay there, he had a notorious accident in which he rode a mechieta across wet cement just laid for a new patio, requiring the work to be redone. After this incident, his great-grandmother Ilisidi took over raising him for a time.

He went with the paidhi-aiji Bren Cameron and Ilisidi on the ship Phoenix to Reunion Station, during which time he made acquaintance with several human children, including Irene, Gene, Artur, and Bjorn.

Cajeiri's sister is Seimiro, born during the events of Peacemaker.