Damiri is the consort of Tabini. Although most atevi choose a contract marriage, generally lasting only until the birth of a child, whose custody is agreed in advance, Damiri and Tabini chose to wed in a permanent marriage. Their oldest child is their son, Cajeiri. In Deceiver, Bren learns that Tabini and Damiri will have a second child. In Intruder, it is revealed that the child will be a girl. This child is born in Peacemaker and named Seimiro.

Damiri's father is Komaji of the Ajuri. Her mother is Muriyo of the Atageini, whose brother is Lord Tatiseigi of the Atageini. Muriyo died in a riding accident when Damiri was very young. The Atageini had Damiri's raising until she was four, at which time she was given over to her Ajuri relatives for further raising. She spent much of her childhood being shuttled back and forth between the two clans, with the result that her man'chi is not entirely settled on either.

Damiri's major-domo in the Bujavid is the Lady Asdi, who has known Damiri since she was a child. She and the entirety of Damiri's Ajuri-approved staff, including her aishid, are dismissed from Damiri's service due to actions occuring in Intruder.