Adjaiwaio—a remote atevi population

Algini—glum servant’s name, security agent

Alujis—river Brominani disputes re water rights

agingi’ai—felicitous numerical harmony

aiji—lord of central association


ateva, pl. atevi—name of species

Babsidi—“Lethal”; a mecheita

Banichi—security agent

Barjida—aiji of Shejidan during the War

Bergid—mountain range visible from Shejidan

Brominandi—provincial governor, long-winded


bihawa—impulse to test newcomers

biichi-gi—finesse in removing obstacles

bloodfeud—principal means of social adjustment

bowing—done, if deep, with hands on knees

Dajoshu—township of Banichi’s origin

dahemidei—a believer in the midei heresy

Didaini—a province visible from Malguri

Dimagi—an intoxicant

dajdi—an alkaloid stimulant

haronniin—systems under stress, needing adjustment

hasdrawad—lower house of atevi legislature

hei—of course

Ilisidi—grandmother of Tabini

insheibi—indiscreet, provoking attention

Intent, filing of—legal notification to the victim of Feud

Jago—security agent

kabiu—‘in the spirit of good traditional example’

Maidingi—Lake Maidingi

Maiguri—estate at Lake Maidingi

Matiawa—breed of Ilisidi’s horse

Moni—servant of Bren

Mospheira—human enclave on island; also name of island

Mosphei’—human language

machimi —historical drama with humor and revenge

man’chi—primary loyalty to association or leader

man’china—grammatical form of man’chi

man’chini—grammatical form of man’chi

mecheita—riding animal

midarga—an alkaloid stimulant, noxious to humans

midedeni—a supporter of the midei heresy

midei—a heresy regarding association

mishidi—awkward, regarding others’ position

Nisebi—province that allows processed meat


nadi-ji—honored mister

nai’aijiin—provincial lords, pl. form

nai’am—I am

nai’danei—you two are

na’itada—refusing to be shaken

nai-ji—respected person


nand’, nandi—honorable

Nokhada—‘Feisty’; a mecheita

o’oi-ana—nocturnal quasi-lizard, likes vines


paidhi-ji—sir interpreter

Ragi—culture to which Tabini belongs; eats game only

Ragi Association—Tabini’s area, also known as the Western Assc’n

ribbons, document—important in culture, on braids, documents ribbons, braid—status, class

ribbon, color says who’s in what class

rings, finger—ornamental and official: used as seals

Shejidan—City of the Ragi Association

Shigi—township in weather report

sigils, document—marks on documents, seals


Tabini—aiji of the Ragi

Tachi—herding community once on Mospheira


Tadiiri—The Sister, fortress near Malguri

Taigi—previous servant of Bren

Taimani—province visible from Malguri

Talidi—Province of Banichi

Tano—more cheerful partner of Algini

Toby—Bren’s brother

Transmontane—crossmountain Highway

tashrid—upper house of the legislature

Valasi—Tabini’s father

Weinathi—Bridge bridge in the city, site of air crash


Wilson—Bren’s predecessor

Wingin—city mentioned in weather report

-ji—sir; miss; ma’am

-ma—honored sir, honored lady

Source: Foreigner glossary