Machigi is the aiji of the Taisigi and the leader of the Marid, an association of five clans in the south of the main continent. The other clans are the Senji, the Dojisigi, the Dausigi, and the Sungeni. Of these, the Sungeni are the smallest. It is mentioned in Conspirator that the Taisigi dominate the Sungeni, while the other three are closer to the Taisigi in economic and political power. In Intruder, it is mentioned that the Taisigi enjoy good relations with the Dausigi.

Machigi is described as a young man in Conspirator, and as having acceded to the aijinate at about twenty-two or thereabouts due to the assassination of his predecessor. He has dark gold eyes, deep-set with an epicanthic fold, and a noticeable scar across his chin. Intelligent, canny, and flexible, he appears to be both conservative in his leanings and yet driven by a certain amount of curiosity, which leads him to accept an offer of parley from the aiji-dowager Ilisidi, via the paidhi Bren Cameron, at the end of Deceiver. In the following book, Bren makes mention that Machigi is suspected of being behind a number of assassinations and other incidents in the southern and western regions; Machigi declines to deny his involvement in most of them.

Machigi's father is Ardami of the Taisigi, whose father is Sagimi of the Taisigi. His mother is Mada of the Farai, a clan with ties to both the Senji and the Dojisigi. Mada has at least one brother; he dies in Betrayer.

In Betrayer, Michigi's Minister of Affairs is Lord Gediri. His Minister of Trade and Transport is Adien, described as a plump, bespectacled middle-aged woman. His Minister of Information is Masitho, described as missing half an ear. All are also described as quite a bit older than Machigi.

In Intruder, only Gediri of the previously mentioned officials attends the conference Bren has with Machigi and his ministers. Machigi says that two of his ministers have been assassinated; in Betrayer, it was said that some government officials had resigned their posts and gone back to private life. With that in mind, the four unfamiliar ministers attending that conference are Kaordi, the Minister of War; Disidri, the Minister of Trade and Commerce; Maisuno, the Minister of Agriculture; and Laudri, the Minister of Public Works.

The head of Machigi's pesonal bodyguard is Tema. Another bodyguard, known only as Fro-ji, is known. No others have been named as of the end of Deceiver.