Machimi are a historical and revered form of drama in the atevi cultures. Defined in the "Foreigner" glossary as  "Historical drama with humor and revenge," they seem to deal extensively with the connections, complications and implications of man'chi . They are stated to frequently end in violence and death.  "The collected wisdom of atevi history," (Precursor)

Titles of machimi plays mentioned in the series:

Naojai-tu - "a cynical woman comes face to face with relics she had thought remote and unimportant, and in the impact they had, in the context, she turned on her lover" (Precursor)

Chei'no Ojindaro: "Pogari's Recall" - "the return of a long-absent retainer to a corrupt house: a recognition of loyalties, a sorting out of man'chi... a resultant blood set of calamities." (Precursor)

Kosaigien Ashai - a very complex drama that Bren references as summing up the events which end in an alliance between Ilisidi, Drien, and Agilisi - "but there it was; the grand gesture, the acceptance, the realignment which had challenged human students for decades - a revised set of man'chiin... the principal's own, and everybody else's. And blood to follow.  A lot of it." (Deliverer)