Conspirator map marid

Conspirator South Coast

Also known as the aishidi'mar, or the Southern Association. The Marid has historically been resistant to joining the aishidi'tat, and has backed a number of rebellions against and within the aishidi'tat. However, internal fighting among the five major clans (Dojisigi, Senji, Taisigi, Dausigi, and Sungeni) are also very common. The Sungeni are the smallest and (mostly) dominated by the Tasaigi.

The image below (also from the appendix of Conspirator) describes the genealogy of several major families in the Marid. The genealogy is not entirely correct; Tori is a daughter of Badissuni, not a wife, and her own daughter's name is Mujito. Other errors may exist.
Marid clans

Marid Genealogy by C. J. Cherryh, Conspirator.

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