The Maschi clan estate is Targai, which lies in the clan lands of Mu'idinu. They lie south and east of Kajiminda, between it and the Marid, and inland of both. One approaches by the road leading from Kajiminda to Separti township. The turn-off leads east, through gradually rising land that first becomes "a meadow studded with large upthrusts of gold rock, and finally sheets and tables of stone where the road crossed a small river gorge that Geigi said was the Soa [...] Beyond the gorge, the road gently climbed again, to a high plateau, and wide grasslands and scattered woods." Bren notes that "this clan hunted." Later, "[t]he land had begun to rise again, as the bus entered a region of white rock and ancient, weathered evergreen [...] In the distance, around a bend in the road, and past an intersection with a better-used market road, rose a different outline, the sprawling roofs of a noble house of that same white stone [...] surrounded by a ruined remnant of its fortified walls, sign of great antiquity in this region. Nowadays the breached walls, interspersed with zigzag rail fence, would simply be keeping wandering herds of game out of the formal gardens that showed in those gaps. It was a picturesque house, with its two standing towers and its curved tile roof, a regional style. The television antenna somewhat spoiled the effect."

Known Maschi sub-clans: Pejithi, Parathi, Pasithi.

The clan head as of the beginning of Deceiver is Pairuti. Geigi accedes by the end of that book. He passes the post on by the end of Intruder to a Pasithi sub-clan head named Haidi, who becomes Haidiri due to his elevation to the nobility.

This diagram describes the genealogy of Maschi clan at the time of Conspirator. These notes have errors; Geigi's sister's name is Tejo, and her husband was Dumaei. Other errors may exist.
Maschi clan

Maschi Clan -- from the appendix of Conspirator, by C.J. Cherryh