Najida is a village and an associated estate on the west coast, once held by the Maladesi, currently held by Bren Cameron, the paidhi-aiji. It sits on a rocky ridge facing Najidami Bay. South of it is Kajiminda, an estate held by Lord Geigi. North is the Northern Isles. West is Mospheira. East is the continental interior.

Most of the locals are of Edi extraction, and thus many trace their heritage back to people who, along with the Gan, were removed from Mospheira when the humans were ceded that island. They are fisherfolk and have been known to engage in shipwrecking and piracy, particularly against Marid shipping. The Marid laid claim to the west coast before the Edi were resettled there, and this, plus the piracy, has set them and the Edi at odds with each other.

The village has a train station. One and a half kilometers inland past the train station is a small airport, described as a strip of mown grass and a windsock. Roads in the region tend to be unpaved, often little more than strips mown in the grass, with gravel in the low spots and culverts built over streams or ditches.

The heraldic color of Najida is blue.

Persons associated with Najida estate: Ramaso (Edi, older man, major-domo); Samandri (servant, 'Mandi-ji'); Koharu (valet to Bren); Supani (valet to Bren). Koharu and Supani move to Shejidan when Bren does.

Persons associated with Najida village: Dola (Edi, young man who runs messages); Aieso (Edi, Grandmother of the Edi)