Pairuti is Maschi clan head; his seat is at Targai. He is described as dull but dutiful, attending all court sessions for both Tabini and Murini. His most interesting trait was considered to be his interest in collecting sisui figures, a type of porcelain miniature. He is in his nineties as of Deceiver.

Pairuti has six children from four contract marriages. First, by a northern clan wife, two sons. Second, by a remote Taibeni relative, a daughter. Third, by Lujo, daughter of Haideni of the Senjin Marid, a son. And fourth, by a Koga clan woman, local to the Maschi lands, a daughter and a son. The fourth marriage may have been a love match, as there was little political advantage to it. All six children survived to adulthood and married.

However, later in Deceiver, Pairuti is listed as childless and that his nearest source of an heir is Baiji. One must assume that the contracts around Pairuti's marriages were written so that the children could not inherit from him.