Known provinces:

Didaini -- East of Shejidan. Can be seen from a ridge above Malguri.

Dursai -- North of Shejidan. Ajuri clan lies in the province.

Entaillan -- The heraldic colors of the province are blue and red. The governor of Entaillan Province is Brominandi, as of the beginning of Foreigner. He is succeeded by Paturandi.

Fagioni -- South but mostly west of Malguri. The villa and airstrip of Wigairiin lies on a height near the border, with a road leading down to Fagioni.

Maidingi -- East of Shejidan. Called the Jewel of the Mountains. Maidingi Lake, called the Mirror of Heaven, is its defining physical feature. Malguri Castle lies in this province, above Maidingi township, which has an airport and train station. The ruins of Tadiiri, a fortress known as 'the Sister', lie within an easy ride of Malguri.

Sarini -- West of Shejidan, on the coast. Contains Separti Township, Kajiminda, Najida, Targai, and the new clan lands for the Edi. Governor is Geigi of Maschi clan.

Taimani -- East of Shejidan. Can be seen from a ridge above Malguri.

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