Tabini is the current aiji, or ruler, of the aishidi'tat, the Western Association.

"Tabini’s yellow eyes were very pale, ghostly in certain lights—frightening, when he was angry." (Foreigner, Book 3, Ch 1)

He is considered progressive and more interested in dealing with humans than his predecessors. He is Taibeni clan by birth. He is married to Damiri of Atageini clan. They have one child, Cajeiri.

The head of Tabini's personal bodyguard, as of Intruder, is Jaidiri.

Tabini's heraldic colors are red and black.

<spoiler>As of the tenth book, Conspirator, he and Damiri are expecting a second child. As of the twelfth book, Intruder, it is revealed the child will be a girl. In the fourteenth book, Peacemaker, she is born and named Seimiro. </spoiler>

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