Tanaja is the main city of the Taisigin Marid, on the coast of a large bay in the south of the continent. It is approximately 100,000 people, and its main exports are fish, spices, game, roof tiles, and limestone.

North of Tanaja are the clan lands of the Senjin. East is the bay. South is the Southern Ocean. West, the coast curves gradually north.

The lord of the Taisigi has his seat on a hill above the city. It is reached by a spiral road; unlike many such hilltop constructions, the slopes are not built up, relegated rather to formal gardens. When Bren visits Machigi of the Taisigi at the end of Deceiver, the driveway to the entrance he uses is cobbled, with steps leading up to a portico and double doors with carved doorposts. The foyer is marble and gilt, with two porcelain columns of intricately detailed sea creatures flanking a set of pale double doors to the right of the main one.