Tiajo of the Dojisigi was offered in marriage to Baiji of the Maschi as part of a political alliance which would tie any resulting Maschi heir to the Marid. Baiji stalled, and the events of Conspirator rendered the proposed marriage contract untenable, and the consequences have left Tiajo the presumed heir of Dojisigi. Tiajo is fifteen at this time.

Tiajo's mother is Mujito, whose mother is Tori, lord of Amarja, in the Dojisigi district of the Marid. Tori inherited the lordship from her father Badissuni.

Tiajo has been given a Guild bodyguard. Information flowing from this source indicates that Tiajo is both spoiled and impulsive, and that this may mean she will not live to accede to the Dojisigi lordship.