Timeline Book
-200 Foreigner Book II
0 Foreigner Book III
(cont' 1 day) Invader
6 months Inheritor Bren 27 yrs
3 years Precursor Bren 30 yrs
6 years Defender Cajeiri 6 yrs
11 months after Defender Explorer

Jase 30 yrs. Phoenix return to Reunion after 10 years

8 years Destroyer Cajeiri 8 yrs
(cont') Pretender
(cont' 5 days) Deliverer
(cont' several months, nxt season) early Spring Conspirator
(cont' 2 days) Deceiver Two months to Cajeiri's 9 yr
(cont') Betrayer
(cont' 2 weeks) Intruder
(cont') Protector
(cont') Peacemaker Cajeiri 9 yrs

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